Vote for Choice – Canada

Federal Members of Parliament Representing Saskatchewan

Here is a list of elected federal officials and their stance of a woman’s right to reproductive freedom:

Name of MPParty RidingPro-Choice?*
David AndersonCon Cypress Hills-Grasslands No
Kelly BlockCon Carlton Trail-Eagle Creek No
Rosemarie FalkCon
Likely not
Randy HobackCon Prince Albert No
Robert G. KitchenCon Souris-Moose Mountain No
Tom LukiwskiCon Moose Jaw-Lake Centre-LaniganLikely not
Andrew ScheerCon Regina-Qu’Appelle No
Brad TrostCon Saskatoon-University No
Cathay WagantallCon Yorkton-Melville No
Kevin WaughCon Saskatoon-Grasswood No

* Based on the MP vote for Bill C-225 on October 19, 2016 (did not pass) from the Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada list of MPs.